My first memory is smelling a scratch.and.sniff stick.r which emitted an odor and image of strawberries. The first time I was able to up.shuffle a deck of cards sticks to my mental foreground pretty potently. Uno anyone ? I like to think orange is not only a color and a fruit, but also a word impossible to rhyme. Zorange; storage; La Grange; forage; roarange; soaring; door hinge- Hey. That one ’s not too bad. Something that changed my perception forever was the realization that zippers have teeth. My first experience making love and not just fucking was fairly heavy duty. I feel fortunate to have shared the experience with a woman whose inner beauty matched that of her physical stunning. I look at the innards of a pomegranate and wonder how / why so many goddamn seeds ’re in there. Studying a map of the city I currently reside, I wonder how long it 'd take to walk the length of the limits' perimeter using only my hands. If I had to state a scent I thought underrated, it would be pizza.joint rubbish.bin. Elementary principles tell us the universe consists of nothing more than various forms of energy; is MC² really all there is to it ? ‘Flabbergastitron’ is the name I ’ve recently dubbed my computer keyboard. If I ever acquire the ability to talk to animals the first thing I ’ll do is track down a dung beetle and ask, “Why ?” Then, I ’d be pressed to promptly find a horse and beg, “Why the long face ?” Crucial.