A Brotherly Smother

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Chapter 2: Next Stop : New York City

I found my hotel and entered the lobby. After speaking with the receptionist, I checked into my room and took stock of the place. It was pretty standard. But during my inspection I noticed the bottom of the bathtub had textured footprint-stickers to add traction and prevent slipping.

“Nicely done,” I said past the arm that was holding the shower curtain away from my face.

I felt finished looking around, so I lay on the bed and picked up the t.v. remote. I began flipping through the t.v.’s channels, came across the adult pay-per-view, ordered some, masturbated, and fell asleep.

I slept well. Because I always sleep well after ejaculating. But I awoke suddenly. My torso jerked into an upright position. Once my senses realized it was dark, my hearing sharpened. After several seconds of silence, the noise I awoke with repeated.

‘Eeeear dddrum’

“What was that?” I thought to myself.

I got off of the bed and looked out the window. At first, there were no signs of disturbance. Then, I heard something. A rustling sound. It was light but heavy enough to allowed its location to be pinpointed. With my face pressed against the window pane, I could see something moving in a nearby dumpster. My eyeball was nearly touching the window’s glass when a flash of white light made me step back.

I returned to my relationship with the glass and asked, “What the fuck?” to myself. The water vapor from my breath condensed on the glass. I backed away, looking at it. Once it cleared, I closed in again. I saw a cat dart into the distance from the direction of the dumpster I’d been looking down on. The action prompted me to scan all I could see from the window. Nothing happened in the next few minutes, so I retreated back to bed. I jumped onto it, stretching my arms and legs. The flash I saw occupied my mind for some time, but I soon forgot it and fell asleep.

That night I had a dream about my patronage to a pirate ship. Whilst sailing the seven seas, my ship and its crew came across a clan of shark-man bandits. The details are foggy, but I remember an adrenaline filled fight between me and a sharkish creature with legs. It was intense. The creature would try to trip me with its tail. And bite me. With huge jaws. I also remember sailing through the shallows of a Caribbean sea-swamp. We dodged tree-stumps and gnarled knots of wooden growth. But I awoke when we got sucked into one of the tree-stumps. I scrambled to find my dream journal so I could write down my latest faust.

Scraping my memory for details, I turned on the t.v. to trigger the flash-scene section of my brain. The pay-per-view channel I thought I’d left the t.v. on had been switched to a local news channel. The reporter was speaking about the disappearance of several homeless people.

“How do they keep tabs on all the homeless people in New York?” I asked the empty room. “There’ve gotta be thousands and thousands.”

I became disinterested, so I changed the channel. Surfing the digital tides, I barreled into a cartoon channel.

“Cha-ching,” I said.

I finished writing all I could remember of my dreams and laid back to enjoy the cartoons. After half an hour I turned off the t.v. and went for a shower. It was a good one. The shower head had a range of stream-settings and good pressure. After the shower I put on my pants and a v-neck t-shirt. Then I went out the door to get breakfast. On my way past the reception desk, the receptionist called to me.

“Mister Calhoun. You have a message.”

I changed my direction for the reception desk and lifted an arm onto it. “Oh yeah? What is it?” I asked.

“A Mister Dillinger called a couple hours ago with the message, ‘Try eating soup with a fork’,” she said, looking up from a sheet of hotel stationery. Her facial expression was casual. I guessed she was used to strange messages.

“Mmmhm..Thank you kindly, ma’am.” I lightly pat the countertop and continued my walk for the lobby-door. I went out the door noticing the sun was bright enough to make me squint. So I pulled out my sunglasses and put them on. With my rumbling belly guiding me, I searched the streets for a café or restaurant.